The French Centre for Ethiopian Studies (FCES)

The FCES is one of the 28 French Institutes of research financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European (IFRE 23). Since 2007, it is also under the supervision of the NATIONAL CENTRE FOR SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH (USR 3137).


The French Home of Ethiopian studies created in 1991 succeeded to the archeological Mission in Ethiopia, established in 1955 to coordinate French body searches in the ancient city of Aksum. It became the French Centre for Ethiopian Studies (FCES) in 1997. This institute was successively aimed by the ethnologist Jacques Bureau until 1997, by the historian Bertrand Hirsch from 1997 till 2001, by the political scientist Gérard Prunier from 2001 till 2006, then by the historian François-Xavier Fauvelle. His actual manager is Eloi Ficquet, anthropologist and historian, Master of conferences in EHESS.

The mission of FCES is to develop and coordinate franco-Ethiopian researches in the domains of the paleontology, archaeology and disciplines related to as well as of human and social sciences. In order to do that, he can bring a material support of the researchers of both countries; it sets up founding programs in various disciplines; it makes available a library for researchers about 4.000 references (whose about 800 publications in amharique and in guèze). The FCES also publishes a scientific magazine, The Annals of Ethiopia and competes to the writing or to the translation of works with scientific character on Ethiopia and countries of the Horn of Africa.

Population, cultures and societies in Ethiopia and in the Horn of Africa constitutes program - frame of the FCES. This program recuperates several research plans implemented or accommodated by the FCES, in the domains of prehistoric archaeology (Late Stone Age) and review (medieval epoch), historical geography (medieval and modern epoch) and the history of art (rock art, christian religious art), as well as in all disciplines of social sciences approaching the study of the land (land urban and country, system of tenure, systems and agricultural means in touch with biodiversity, etc) of the resource management, or finally religious phenomena in their contemporary aspects (establishment and study of statistical data or inquiries, emergent religious phenomena, religious, liturgical and medical practices, modes of financings of religious forms, religion and sociability, religious nomadism and identity, conversions).

The French Centre for Ethiopian Studies
Embassy of France in Ethiopia
Po Lock-up garage 5554 - Addis Abeba
Tel: 11 123 47 67/68
Fax: 251 11 123 47 66
Electronic mail:

The team of CFEE:
Eloi Ficquet, anthropologist and historian, Master of conferences in EHESS, Manager of The French Centre for Ethiopian Studies in Addis Ababa since October, 2009.

Research topics:
- anthropology, history and geography compared by the societies of the Horn of Africa.
- religious Anthropology of relations between Muslims and Christians in Ethiopia.
- historical Geography of the administrative building of the Ethiopian State in the course of the XXth century.
- Epistémologie of Ethiopian studies in France, between the fields of orientalism and africanisme.
- appraisal of university life in Africa.
- the stages of contemporary art in Africa.


Claire Bosc-Tiessé
Seeker in the NATIONAL CENTRE FOR SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH, affiliated to CFEE since 2007
Research topics: history of Ethiopian art, production of pictures and rewriting of history
Contact: national centre for scientific research -

Mary-Laura Derat
Seeker in the NATIONAL CENTRE FOR SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH, affiliated to CFEE since 2008
Research topics: history of dynasty Zagwé (XITH - XIIIth centuries), studies hagiographiques

Perrine Duroyaume
Doctorante in urban geography in the University Paris 8, laureate of the grant Lavoisier on 2008-2009.
Research topics: accommodation and land urban; sociabilities; territories and networks; urban Poverty; access to urban services

Clement Ménard
International Volunteer in Archaeology, affiliated to CFEE since 2008

Chloé Josse-Durand
Intern from the Institute of Political Studies of Rennes in CFEE since 2008
Representative for publications and for communication

Wonguelawit Legesse
Secretary, assistant accountant

Abera Solomon
Manager general and legal adviser

Alelign Shibabaw

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