Settle and live in Ethiopia

  • Formalities of entry and settlement

    French nationals residing abroad and wishing to come back to re-settle itself in France can consult a guide, available in pdf version which answers the questions that they can be posed in a simple and concise (...)

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  • French consular services

    The Consul is responsible for the French community of whose protection he ensures at the level of the foreign authorities within the framework of the local legislation and he whose he ensures, management in (...)

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  • In case of emergency

    French-speaking doctor consulting for the French community in Addis Ababa: 011-661-62-29 or 0911-86-47-10 (mobile)
    St Gabriel Hospital: 011-661-36-22
    Hayat Hospital: 011-662-44-88-
    Myung Sung International (...)

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  • Education

    Organization of the higher education system
    Entrance to university is upon success at an end of studies examination (known as “the preparative”: two years training). Total marks obtained over the two last years of (...)

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  • Driving licence

    Procedure for obtaining an Ethiopian driving licence If you are a holder of a French driving licence 
    1/ Before visiting the consular section of the Embassy, it is advisable to have done translation of the French (...)

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