Security and defence cooperation

Collaboration of security and defence

1) Education of French in military middle:

A linguistic plan of education of French in military middle exists in Ethiopia since 1999. It translates the will of Ethiopian authorities to develop the usage of French within armies to accompany their commitment growing in the operations of assertion of peace in Africa.

Major Laurent Sauvée - Project manager

Mr Aberra Tariku – Assistant of the project manager

Melle Charlotte Bruguière – Trainee FLE

Plan concerns about 700 students and eight professors divided on three sites:
*Major-General Hayelom Araya Military Academy in Holeta Genet,

*Defence Engineering College in Debre Zeit,

*Ethiopian Defence Command and Staff College in Addis Ababa.

This plan also concerns Africain force in wait and, particularly, the staff of EASF (Eastern Africa Standby Force) which benefits from a lesson of French.

Since September 2010, the Mission of collaboration of security and defence works on the creation of a specific method of education of French devoted to the servicemen of the Africain continent.

Mrs Caroline Mraz – Author of method

Mr Jonathan Le Péchon - Graphic designer

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Delivery of certificate DELF in the younger of the military Academy by the First adviser Roman Vuillaume

2) Training in France:

Every year, France receives trainees for long-term trainings (schooling of the secondary school interarmies of defence), of more short-term (FICA / Forum of IHEDN on the Africain continent) or specific practice.

These various trainings concern Ethiopian force and personnel of the Commission of the Union African.

Direction of the collaboration of security and defence: http: // / fr / ac...

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