Cooperation on security and defense [fr]

France is committed to the principle of national independence and mindful of the need to protect its interests in the world. It pays special attention to its defence policy and has constantly adapted it to changing threats and developments in the international environment. The strategic situation has changed radically. There has been a lasting deterioration in the international situation with greater unpredictability, a very substantial aggravation of risks stemming from the continuing proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and a shift in the scale of terrorist threats. The internationl cooperation on security and defense is paramount to face these new challenges.

In this context, the bilateral cooperation on security and defense between France and Ethiopia is organized through three main priorities :
• Strengthen the contingents sent to peace keeping operation;
• Enhance the capacity building of the Ethiopian National Defence Forces ;
• Develop the skills of the security forces.

These priorities are conducted through various bilateral actions:
• French language teaching in both Defence and Security services;
• Commitment of liaison officers and advisors together with high ranking officials;
• Bilateral exchanges on high value capacities of mutual interest;
• Expertise missions and visits both in France and in Ethiopia;
• Training sessions in Ethiopia, in France and in the French sponsored schools in Africa.

Dernière modification : 30/05/2019

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