Lycee Gebre Mariam

The Guebré Mariam secondary school is one of 460 schools of the network of the Agency for Education Frenchman abroad (A.E.F.E .) which receives 260 000 pupils sent to school in 135 countries. It is also one of 100 establishments of Mission laywoman Frenchwoman (M.L.F) ., founder of this big secondary school and present in 35 countries.

This secondary school is located in a 4,5 hectare park planted by trees of various tropical essence, in the centre of Addis Ababa.

Public establishment, we benefit from the support of both governments. Ethiopia grants opportunities of functioning and subvention, France provides Frenchman with teaching and administrative staffs by the channel of the Agency for Education the Foreigner (quarantine persons nowadays) and Mission layman Frenchwoman is the organism of management.

The establishment is registered and approved of PS in the final year students. In receipts 2010, mixed 35 nationalities divided in 42 classes in the primary, and 27 classes in the secondary.

The secondary school gives three courses of study, S, ARE, STG. Results in baccalaureate wobble according to years between 92 and 98 %.

To the 110 teachers, it is necessary to add the members of the team of scholastic life, the agents of service, and the administrative personnels.

The Guebré Mariam secondary school newly celebrated its 60 years with the active support of the Association of the alumnas which knew how to mobilize all those who in the world are crossed to LGM.

You are invited to be connected on the site of the secondary school Guebre Mariam:

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to acquire information and forms necessary for inscriptions and candidacies.

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