France and the African Union (AU)

  • News

    President Ping receives the letters of credences of the new ambassador of France to UA.
    Mr Jean Ping, Président de la Commission of the Union African, received, on Monday, May 11th, 2009, to its office in the office (...)

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  • The Africain Union - Pan-African political organization

    The Africain Union is a Pan-African political organization which regroups all countries of the continent (except for Morocco). It has its seat in Addis Abéba.
    1. Review
    1963: creation of OUA by 32 States. Addis (...)

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  • Role of France to the Union African

    If France has watcher’s status to the Africain Union, she is one there especially of the main partners.
    1. The Embassy in Addis Abéba is also the permanent Presentation of France to the Africain Union
    The Ambassador (...)

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