Welcoming two new turtles [fr]

On a beautiful day in November, the French Embassy in Ethiopia had the pleasure to welcome two new boarders. These two survivors recovered from the Embassy of Slovakia have joined the colony of 23 turtles already established in the park of the embassy.

2020 has been a great year as we also had the joy of registering two births this fall. The babies have been entrusted to a family of residents and will have to be protected from cold and predators for almost two more years before they can move freely on the 37-hectare campus.

For the record, the embassy park, entrusted to France in 1907, is a showcase of biodiversity on the heights of Addis Ababa. The embassy is home to a natural forest where more than 40 species of birds, 180 varieties of plants and many animal species are found. A census and identification work is in progress.

Join our community to follow the progress of our boarders and the park!

Dernière modification : 01/12/2020

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