Visit of a refugee camp in the Somali region

The Ambassador of France, Brigitte Collet, travelled to the Somali region from May 23rd to May 24th 2016 to visit a Somali refugee camp in Kebribeyah. Installed in 1991, it is the oldest refugee camp in Ethiopia. It is jointly managed by UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) and ARRA (Ethiopian Administration for Refugee and Returnee Affairs).

After visiting the regional office of ARRA, the Ambassador met with the Ethiopian NGOs which are active in the camp: DICAC (education), MCDO (fight against female genital mutilation), GAIA (household energy), RaDO (health and fight against violence towards women) and SeE (environmental protection).

The Ambassador then talked with representatives of the refugees, who shared with her their main concern, namely the continued decline of funds received by UNHCR for the camp and the impact of this change on their lives.

The mission continued with a tour to several important places in the camp life: a shop run by a refugee woman, the kindergarten class, the playground for small children, the clinic and finally the primary school.

France has been long-lastingly supporting the work of UNHCR in Ethiopia. In 2015-2016, France brought an outstanding contribution of nearly 3 million euros for the refugees hosted by Ethiopia. The visit’s aim was to understand the UNHCR’s activities on the ground and to meet their beneficiaries.

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