Visit of South-Sudanese refugee camp in Gambella region

Tuesday, March 18th, H.E. Brigitte Collet – with her counterparts and agency’s’ directors (UNICEF, FWP, IOM) – visited a south-Sudanese refugee camp in Gambella region: Kule camp and the main entry point in Ethiopia: Pagak. The delegation has been welcomed by M. Galuak Tut Khot, head of the Gambella’s regional government.

Kule’s refugee camp

On these sites, High Commissioner for Refugees (HCR) teams work with the Administration for Refugees and Returnees Affairs (ARRA), the World Food Program, the International Organization for Migrations, the UNICEF, some foreign NGOs (GOAL, Zoa, Action contre la faim (ACF), Médecins sans frontières (MSF-France), the Danish Refugee Council and the Norwegian Refugee Councin).

Registration of new refugees in Pagak

Since the burst of the crisis on December 15th 2013, according to the HCR, more than 72000 south-Sudanese refugees entered Ethiopia, mainly in Gambella region. Each day, 800 additional refugees enter the country, in particular fleeing the fights in Malakal and in the Jonglei State.

Children and their mothers waiting for food complements

The ambassador showed her support on the field to the two French NGOs work with the refugees: Action contre la faim (ACF) that provides food complements to children and pregnant women and Médecins sans frontières (MSF-France) who set up a mobile clinic that helps lightly injured refugees.

The Ambassador with a MSF’ volunteer

With the forthcoming rain season and the regular influx of refugees, the humanitarian organizations appeal for the south-Sudanese refugees.

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