Visit of Senator Collombat

Mr. Pierre-Yves Collombat, co-chair of the group French friendship operating in countries of the Horn of Africa for Ethiopia, accompanied by Mr. Bernard Rullier, senior administrator of the international realtions service of the senate, attended the 5th International Conference on Federalism (ICF), from December 12th to 16th 2010. The visit took place during a trip undertaken in october 2010 by a delegation from the Federal Chamber of Ethiopia, the second chamber of the bicameral parliament.

The participation of a French senator in this international conference was of three-fold importance :

To exchange with other parliamentarians from federal, regional or decentralized countries, in order to highlight the developments that have taken place within the local french organization since its decentralization in 1982, under act II of the 2003 constitutional revision and following the recent territorial reform, to establish more contacts with the authorities of Ethiopia, an emerging regional power, with a growing population. Responding to this objective, a meeting was held with the president of the state-region of Oromo and also a member of the federal chamber, Mrs Dimitu Anbisa who led the delegation.

To establish contacts with parliamentarians from countries in the region, such as Kenya, which is to have a second house in parliament to be elected in 2013, and Djibouti, which also plans to have a bicameral parliament. Apart from the latter countries, France is however not very well represented in the region, which is still under Anglo-Saxons influence.

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