Visit at the orphanage Morning Sun in Gelan - NGO SOS Enfants Ethiopie

On November 23rd, 2011, Mr. Olivier BROCHET, the deputy Head of mission at the Embassy of France in Ethiopia, the project officer in charge of childhood protection Aurélie DELAHALLE, three representatives of french regional councils (Yvelines and Rhône) and the Program Director of S.O.S.E.E. Hanania NEGEDE have visited the orphanage in Gelan at 40 kilometers to the South of Addis Ababa, place opened since the beginning of year 2010.

In front of the school of Gelan - JPEG

from left to right: Hanania NEGEDE Program Director of S.O.S.E.E., Olivier BROCHET Deputy Head of mission, Dominique Benoît Head of Childhood, Health and Family affairs department (Yvelines), Isabelle DORLIAT Head of Family, Culture, Childhood Department, Olivier DESMULES project officer for Humanitarian aid (Rhône)

This structure can welcome up to 250 children from 2 to 7 years old, included children with specific needs (HIV-positive persons, handicapped persons, disabilited children).

Several Adoption Agency Bodies (AABs) work in partnership with the NGO SOS Enfants Ethiopie, among which four French bodies: les Enfants avant tout, Païdia, Passerelle and Children of the Sun.

For both directors "Childhood" of the French region councils, it was important to visit this place because children’s significant number adopted by French families arise from it. During the exchanges, it was in particular question of the rhythm of life of the children and their cares by the social workers of the orphanage.

Further to this visit, the three representatives of the french authorities met Mrs TESFAHUNEY, person in charge of the direction for the Promotion and the Protection of children rights to the Ethiopian Ministry of the Woman, Children and the Youth Affair, as well as three local representatives of AABs: Passerelle, Les Amis des Enfants du Monde and Acceil et Partage (cf. photo below).


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