Two years of teaching in Urogynecology in Jimma, through the association “Chirurgie Solidaire”

After two years of teaching where a team from Lyon came to teach in Jimma every two months surgery as part of a university education in collaboration with the University of Lyon, the first batch of urogynecologists graduated in June 2018 during a grand graduation ceremony organized by the University of Jimma.

The laureates have also received a training certificate from Prof. Georges Mellier from the University Claude Bernard Lyon1.

The natural surgery, of which Lyon is the birthplace, has now found its full place in the Ethiopian therapeutic arsenal. Since the provisions of this teaching, the number of women suffering from serious organ descents ceased consulting with doctors in the small university town of Jimma.Thanks to this teaching coordinated by Dr. Stephan Bretones (Medical Center, St. Joseph St Luc-Lyon) within the framework of the association “Chirurgie Solidaire” whose motto is "teach to cure", Ethiopia has now 5 urogynecologists trained in advanced natural surgery techniques out of 7 urogynecologists in the country

Treating organ descents by natural means remains today the safest and most effective way in both African countries and Europe. Export French expertise through knowledge sharing and a surgical fellowship is one of the missions of the Embassy of France in Addis Ababa which supported this project.

Dernière modification : 25/07/2018

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