Road infrastructure

According to WHO, Ethiopa could be the country in the world most affected by fatal accidents (114 deaths for 10,000 vehicles). Several factors explain this situation: increase in the number of vehicles, a very decayed car fleet, need to improve highway network, total lack of support mechanism in provinces, the fact that the safety/seat belt is not compulsory, and, generally, the irresponsible behaviour on the part of some drivers (use of the mobile phone, consumption of khat…) and of the people who move along the road networks. Our community does not escape unfortunately this phenomenon. Many accidents involving French nationals are increasingly been to the Embassy.
In case of renting vehicles, it is advisable to be sure that the vehicle is in perfect condition and that an insurance covering the material and corporal damage has properly been taken out by the person renting out the vehicle.

In case of an accident between vehicles which does not cause corporal damage, the normal procedure consists in calling police officers, to prepare an instant report . In Addis Ababa, it is advisable to call the following numbers: 0116.62.80.86 or 0116.62.82.22.
In case of the corporal incident: the recommended action to take in the event an injury to a person, is to drive the victim to the nearest hospital. If it is not possible to stop, it is advisable to go immediately to the nearest police station to report the accident, and make yourself available to the police in order to be under the protection of the authorities. This practice is tolerated by the Ethiopian authorities, who are aware of the risks a foreigner is likely to run. Not reporting the accident at the nearest police station is on the other hand regarded as a hit and run offence.

The main roads are served by networks of buses.
During the rainy season, from June to September, certain roads are not passable.
Apart from the large cities, night driving is forbidden at all times because of the presence of vehicles without lights and cattle.
Apart from the capital, the lack of a reliable interurban telephone networks makes it difficult to call for help, in case of a road accident.

Railway network

The connection between Dire Dawa and Djibouti is no longer guaranteed .
The aircraft is the fastest means of transport inside the country.
Ethiopian Airlines serves the main cities of the country.

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