The Francophonie Spring dictation contest

The permanent representation of the International organization of the Francophonie and the French Embassy organized the traditional dictation contest of the francophonie on Saturday March 12 at the ECA conference centre.
•Each year, this contest gains a wide popularity. More than 300 participants, old and young try to thwart the traps of the French language and enjoy their nuances..
The registration form is attached herewith but you can also register during the day from 8:30 at the ECA.
Come in your numbers to share with us the pleasure of words !

Payment 2011
Abdou Diouf dedicates the international Day of the Francophonie 2011 to the youth :
“I would like to dedicate this international Day of the Francophonie to our youth, the youth of all countries and all continents, to the youth of the Arab World which had the courage and determination to trace, peacefully, the path of political freedom and economic and social equity ,to a youth which should not be condemned any more for oscillating between despair and revolt, but which must be able to carry and concretize, in dignity and confidence, its legitimate hope for a future of the colors of freedom, stability and prosperity.”
It was in these terms that the Genera Secretary of the Francophonie, Abdou Diouf, addressed himself to the youth of the French-speaking space in his message on the occasion of the 2011 international Day of the Francophonie . (Full text in appendix. Video version on site).
The official celebration of this international event was marked by the inauguration of the new headquarters of the Francophonie. These fully renovated buildings have been made available by France. They occupy a total surface area of more than 8,600 m ² and bring together, in a single site, approximately 250 employees of the OIF, working at headquarters.
Together with the program for the celebration, to which Abdou Diouf invited the representatives of the 75 heads of state and government of the OIF present in Paris on the occasion of the 80th session of the permanent Council of the Francophonie were the shows and animations of three young humorists :the Québéco-Morrocan, Rachid Baddouri, Free-Of the Ivory Coast Shirley Soignon and the Algerian Count de Bouderbala - juggled with the French language between mischievousness and clearness while a numerical and interactive arts show made it possible to watch on line and in colour a projection of the messages sent by young Francophone youth from the five continents, via Internet.,The information and exchange gateway federated by the International organization of the Francophonie and dedicated to the event, offered the hundreds of programs organized by the Frencophone and francophile people of the whole world. The networks, institutions, associations, schools and private individuals of the Francophonie are invited to register their activities there. In 2010, nearly, 1.200 events such as, festivals, concerts, conferences, plays, contests, exhibitions were organized in 120 countries.
It will be recalled that the International organization of the Francophonie born on March 20, 1970, the signature date of the Treaty of Niamey initiated by Léopold Sédar Senghor, Habib Bourguiba, Hamani Diori and Norodom Sihan ouk, is founded on the division of the French language and universal values .It made recognition and promotion of cultural diversity , a factor of dialogue and peace in the service of development and today accounts for 75 States and governments including 56 members and 19 observers.
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Anisat Barrak, chief of the department of communication of the Francophonie
Nathalie Heneman ,officer in charge of media relations
Tel. : (+33) 1 44 37 32 52
Julie Tilman, press attaché to the Secretary General
(+33) 1 44 11 12 68

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