The Ambassador

The Ambassador
His Excellence Mr. Jean-Christophe Belliard

• Biography of his Excellence Mr. Jean-Christophe Belliard
• Jean-Christophe Belliard was born on June 10, 1959. He is a graduate of the Institute of political studies as well as National institute of languages and Eastern civilizations (swahili). He is Chevalier of the national order of the merit.

Admitted with the contest for the recruitment of assistant secretaries of the Foreign affairs (the East), February 11, 1985;
• third secretary in Khartoum, 1985-1987;
• at the central administration (African Businesses and Madagascans), 1987-1991;
• admitted with the contest for the access to the use of secretary of Foreign affairs (the East), April 23, 1990;
• second secretary in Dar-Es-Salam, 1991-1992;
• first secretary at the same station, 1992;
• second adviser at the same station, 1993-1994;
• first secretary in Washington, 1994-1996;
• consul in the Cape, 1996-2001;
• at the central administration, (Africa and Indian Ocean), operations manager to the Director, 2001-2002;
• Knight of the national order of the merit, April 30, 2002;
• delegated in the functions of Sub-manager (central and Eastern Africa), 2002-2005;
• second adviser with the permanent representation of France to the European Union in Brussels, 2005-2007;
• personal emissary of the general secretary to the Council of the European Union in Brussels and High representative for African questions, 2007-2009;
• ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary with Addis-Ababa and Permanent representative of France to the the African Union, January 2009.

Chronological list of the ambassadors
Ambassadors at the station by chronological order
Mr. de Blesson (1944-45)
Mr. Roux (1945-50)
Mr. Baeyens (1950-55)
Mr. Sauvagnargues (1956-60)
Mr. Begougne de Juniac (1960-65)
Mr. Bénard (1965-71)
Mr. Treca (1971-75)
Mr. Barbier (1975-78)
Mr. Ausseil (1978-80)
Mr. Bry (1980-84)
Mr. Paoli (1984-87)
Mr. Michel (1987-90)
Mr. Pavret of Rochefordière (1990-93)
Mr. Amigues (1993-96)
Mr. Rouquié (1996-2000)
Mr. Dewatre (2000-2001)
Mrs. Paving (2001-2004)
Mr. Gompertz (2004-2008)

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