The Africain Union - Pan-African political organization

The Africain Union is a Pan-African political organization which regroups all countries of the continent (except for Morocco). It has its seat in Addis Abéba.

1. Review

- 1963: creation of OUA by 32 States. Addis Ababa becomes the seat of the organization.

- 1991: treaty of Abuja which envisages the creation of an Africain Common Market before 2025.

- 1999: summit of OUA in Syrte; the plan of Africain Union is thrown.

- 2000: signature of the constituting act of the Africain Union in Durban (Southern Africa.

- 2002: UA takes the place of OUA.

- July, 2003: summit of Maputo: installation of institutions: Commission, Pan-African Parliament and Council of peace and security (CPS).

- 2004: First meeting of CPS.

- January, 2006: Alpha Oumar Konaré chairs the commission of UA

- January, 2008: Jean Ping is elected for president of the commisison of UA.

2. Institutions

- The Conference of the heads of state is the supreme authority of the organization. It meets twice per year, of which at least once in the office of the organization.

- The presidency of the organization is assured by a Member State (in 2009, Libya).

- The presidency leans on an executive Council (ministers of business), from technical committees (technical ministers) and from a committee of the permanent representatives (COREP) constituted by the ambassadors accredited in Addis.

- The Commission is permanent authority. It is composed of a president, a vice-president and eight commissioners: peace and security, political scandals, facilities and energy, social affairs, human resources, sciences and technologies, trade and industry, country economy and agriculture, economic business. About 600 persons work on it nowadays.

- The Pan-African Parliament. Composed of 265 deputies, he has an advisory role. It meets twice per year (sessions of 10 days only). His seat is in Southern Africa.

- Economic, social and cultural Council (ECOSOCC), advisory organ. One of the stakes is to make represent the Africain diaspora there.

- Judicial institutions and defence of human rights (Africain Court of human rights and the people, Court of justice) supplement the implement.

3. Country members

There are 53 members of the UA nowadays, are all countries of Africa, except for Morocco. This last left OUA to protest against admission in the organization of the Arab sahraouie democratic Republic.

4. Country watchers

More than 50 countries, which France, or organizations are accredited to the Africain Union.

5. Actions of the Africain Union

The Africain Union is hired first and foremost in the questions of peace and security on the continent.

Her action concerns nevertheless other numerous domains, notably as part of the partnership European Union – Africa, implemented since the end of 2007.

Link towards the site of the Africain Union: click here

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