The Embassy of France, through its Cooperation and Cultural Affairs bureau (SCAC), is involved in contributing to Ethiopia’s civil society or local government’s development with the Social Development Fund (FSD) since the year 2000. This Fund gives financial support to civil society organisations and local authorities to implement and sustain micro-development projects in urban and rural areas all over Ethiopia.

Applicants to this Fund must be local Non Governmental Organisations or local authorities. These organisations must have been registered by the Ethiopian authorities for at least 2 yars.

The maximum amount of the subsidy is 50000 Euros and the applicants/beneficiaries must contribute 30% of the total cost of the project.

Exceptionally for this call of proposal , the project duration must be less than one year in order to implement the projects in 2013 and to be able to proceed with the payment of the 2nd instalment before August 2013.

What type of activities are supported ?

The Embassy of France want to pave the way for new development strategies and therefore supports innovative projects that strive to implement new ideas, technologies or institutional arrangements to solve a community problem in any field (income generating activities, food security, health, sustainable tourism and heritage promotion, green economy, etc).

To be supported the project must :
- respond to an identified need of the community, directly benefit to it and involve it in all projects stages
- achieve tangible realisations or improvements that are sustainable when funding stops
- anticipate the necessary running and maintenance costs

How to apply ?

Send an email to with a brief description of your organisation and the project you promote (beneficiaries, problem faced, activities proposed, outcomes expected). An application form (see below) is available to applicants in order to help them write their project proposals.

Only shortlisted projects will receive a notification before March 30, 2013.

This call for applications is open until February 15th, 2013

Application form  :

Word - 25 ko
(Word - 25 ko)

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