Sustainable management of underground water resources

Regional FSP “MAWARI” scientific research prgramme on underground water resources in the East-African rift valley(FSP MAWARI n° 2003-45), directly financed by the Ministry of Foreign and European exchange in the géo-sciences, has recognized the foundation of public utility since 2005.
The mobilizing Project FSP “MAWARI” on the sustainable Management of underground water resources in the East-African rift valley,with one 7 years duration (after extensions), aims to support scientific research in the subterranean water sector. It brings together the research capacities of three countries : Djibouti, Ethiopia and Kenya. The three countries, located in the East-African rift valley have in common, problems of availability and quality of aquiferous resources. Research is exclusively undertaken by researchers from the three countries, in collaboration with French universities which design the doctorate programmes The scientific programming is done on call for offer, those being evaluated by the scientific committee and being ratified by the steering committee which is made up of representatives from institutions responsible for water resources distribution.. The project has as goals to contribute to sustainable regional management of water resources and to bring scientific communities and institutions managing water closer in the geographical area of the aquifer in the geological areaof the East-African Rift valley. The number of aquifers are of vital importance for the area.
For information, the project will soon come to an end, and therefore steps have been taken by the CIFEG to extend it for one year in order to ensure a continuity through multilateral financing (and to extend it to cover Uganda and Tanzania)

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