Support for the training of senior officials

On April 20, 2011, at the ministry of Finances and Economic development, France signed a Financing Agreement with the Ethiopian government in the sum of 500,000 euros ,with the aim of supporting the Leadership and Good governance Institute..
The signing of the agreement was carried out by the French Ambassador, H.E. Mr. Jean-Christophe Belliard, and H.E. Mr. Ahmed Shide, Secretary of State for the ministry for Finance and economic development.

Indeed, in the middle of the reform of the public office, the training of a new administrative elite is constant in a very active way by the ministry for the Public office. The Ethiopian government thus made the choice create this Training centre. During three last years, France accompanied Ethiopia in its reflexion on the training by the elites and encouraged the Program of the United Nations for Development (UNDP) to join this project.
Of an entire amount over four years of 2 million dollars (including the French contribution), this co-operation will concentrate on the three pillars of the new Institute : reinforcement of the systems of selection, in particular by entrance, a management examination of the Institute and training program.
Last January, after having selected 70 participants, the ILG began its activities from training. The general objective of the Institute is to train young civils servant ready to be effective decision makers and managers in the public sector as well at the regional level as federal. The alternate programme of 24 months of the sequences of formal training and practical on the managerial stakes which the senior executives of the administration during their careers will meet. The curriculum vitae, which includes/understands 6 months of training course and 5 months of practical exercises, will allow obtaining a diploma of master.
The project will allow :
’ to support the governorship of the Center and the initial training of senior executives of the administration, his main mission (development of the curriculum vitae, improvement of qualified speakers, training with the direction of training course, etc), and
* the installation of the systems of recruitment and the development of the activities of expertise on the Center (organization of the contests, development of tools for evaluation, seeks, continuing education, etc).

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