Support for the agricultural sector

In May 2010, Pascal Perron Deputy counsellor for co-operation and cultural affairs , went to Alilif and Jalala, to check on the achievements made through the Food assistance ’Counterpart fund
The Fund, which had, in the past, been used to prepare development projects, is now almost exhausted. In early September 2007,the last Financing Agreement was signed with the Ethiopian NGO Oromo Development Association( ODA )calling for its contribution.
The Agreement related to a project centered mainly on the sectors of access to water and rural irrigation - which is being it was implemented on the spot with support from the French NGO ’GRET’ (Groupe de recherche et d’echange technologique). It was to have been completed in September 2009 but, having been delayed owing to some dissenssions which had ,in the meantime, occurred within ODA,it was extended until 2010/2011.

This put a final end to expenditure from the ’French Food Assistance Counterpart Fund, managed jointly by both the French Embassy and MoFED. Indeed, the Fund was not renewed and, for some years now, French food assistance has been passing through WFP and UNICEF.
In Alifif, it is a true “Herculean task” who was carried out, under difficult conditions (of access and realization on the spot), even if it is still unfinished (a second section of the appropriations is awaited impatiently to complete the irrigation work) : the population met was charmed of such an amount of progress in such a short time and its standard of living improved considerably). The corn, the potatoes, etc, grew very well. Harvests are good and the peasants are very happy.

In Jalala neither, ODA did not choose the accessibility : the project, over there, is less advanced in its realization due to technical difficulties.

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