Support for mother and child health and the fight against HIV

At the invitation of Mrs. Bogaletch Gebre, director of association KMG, the regional adviser on health co-operation, Dr. François-Marie Lahaye, second counsellor, Laurent Ben Kemoun and Simon Vanackere, former student of ENA, went from the 12 to14 February, to Douramé, in the Kembatta-Tembaro region, 300 km south of Addis Ababa. The purpose of the mission was to evaluate in situ the activities of this Ethiopian NGO, in particular the development of the mother and child health centre, (MCH), a twenty- bed medical structure providing care for mother and child pathologies, which also ensures family planning, counselling, HIV detection and prevention of mother to child transmission.
The center is slightly but sufficiently equipped to ensure the follow-up of pregnancies, to give emergency obstetric care and gynaecological surgery, the basic biological examinations of which is HIV detection, and paediatric urgencies.
The main activity of the center (40 to 60 women and children seen in consultation each day) has slowed down in the last quarter of 2009 following the departure of the United Nations Volunteer Staff made available by UNFPA. Even though since the beginning of 2010 the presence of an Ethiopian Doctor specialising in gynaecology obstetrics has made it possible to resume surgical activity in particular, the center suffers from inadequacy of human resources, trained technicians specialising in anaesthesia, paediatrics and midwifery.
The mission then went to the Head office of the KMG association whose field of activity, in addition to mother and child and reproductive health, aims to ensure the well-being, safety, autonomy and equality of women, through various integrated programs,. Thus, programmes on education, the development of Community self- owned enterprises, the regeneration of the environment, alternative energies are developed, in the entire region, ,through various activities whose coordination is ensured at head-office level.
The KGM Association does a remarkable work in defending the cause of women in Ethiopia, and in particular the fight against female genital mutilations which it caused to practically disappear from the region where less than 3% of girls are reported to be still circumcised according to the latest UNICEF surveys which to be brought into correlation with the total rate in Ethiopia).

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