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  • Missing documents or photocopies = incomplete file = high risk of refusal of visa
  • All documents must be submitted in original, accompanied by a complete set of photocopies
  • All documents must be in French or accompanied with an official French translation version

- A long-stay visa application form duly filled out on both sides, dated and signed

- Passport (valid at least 3 months after the expiry date of the visa requested) must include 2 blank pages of any stamp accompanied by a photocopy of the identity page and the previous Schengen visas

- Two recent standard photographs

- Original + photocopy of valid passport + photocopies of pages containing personal data

- File fees (non-refundable): equivalent of 99 € except for fellows (free of charge)

- Pre-registration or enrollment in a higher education or training institution (unless you are a French government scholar)

- Photocopies: last diploma, baccalauréat or title accepted in equivalence, school certificate...

- Photocopy: proof of livelihood:

  • for scholarship holders: award certificate specifying the amount and duration
  • for other students: a minimum monthly fee of 615 € is required (bank certificate of deposit to a French bank account or proof of sufficient resources or assumed by a sponsor who must justify its resources)

- Photocopy: document explaining the mode of accommodation during the first three months in France

- Original: OFII form, filled by the applicant

This list is not exhaustive: other justifications may be requested if necessary. You may also submit any material that may assist in the processing of your case.

Dernière modification : 09/02/2017

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