The embassy can be contacted 24hrs with 0111400000/21.
Travellers are invited to take all the necessary precautions when travelling areas where the situation is not stable and where communications are random. Consultation of the Embassy services is desirable in case of doubt. Foreigners are not however particularly targeted, but, in all cases, compliance with the elementary rules of caution, taking into account the geographical location, economic and medical policy of Ethiopia, is essential.

Generally, it is strictly prohibited to photograph military buildings or infrastructures considered as sensitive: road infrastructures, barracks, military bases, and residences of state dignitaries or administrative offices. It is recommended to ask for authorisation from the religious leaders before visiting certain churches (they are generally the key holders).

In Addis-Abeba, there were several attacks and criminal acts which caused several victims in 2008 and 2009. French nationals are therefore reminded to show vigilance in public places, to avoid the municipal/public coach and bus stations, as well as private taxis of minibus type. While urban criminality in the Ethiopian capital remains contained, there has nevertheless been a substantial increase in criminal acts, aimed primarily at tourists and expatriates (bag-snatchings, sometimes with knife, attacks on the people, vandalisation and theft of vehicles, burgling…).It is thus recommended to drive with the doors closed at any hour of the day and the night. Moreover, during night travels, it is advisable to be dropped opposite one’s residence, to avoid being isolated and to walk in the dark/ in areas without light. In the event of an attack, it is recommended to remain calm, not to oppose resistance and to have some money within reach to satisfy the attacker.

The general conditions of safety in Ethiopia make it possible to reach, without any problem the historic sites of the north (Bahar Dar, Gondar, Lalibela, Axum). As for excursions in the depression of Danakils and the area of the Omo valley, travellers are invited to organize their stay seriously.

On the other hand, travels are not recommended professional reasons in several areas of the country, except for crucially important professional reasons.

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