Role of France to the Union African

If France has watcher’s status to the Africain Union, she is one there especially of the main partners.

1. The Embassy in Addis Abéba is also the permanent Presentation of France to the Africain Union

The Ambassador of France to the democratic federal Republic of Ethiopia is also accredited to the authorities of the Africain Union as permanent Representative of France.

Since September, 2007, it is assisted in this mission by an adviser who, in the Ministry of Justice, assures the monitoring of all questions relating the Africain Union.

This last works in contact with an officer the upper envoy by the Direction of the collaboration of security and defence (DCSD) as representative to the Africain Union. With the attache of defence, it has as adviser’s mission and to support the Commission of the Africain Union in its military dimension.

In the service of collaboration and cultural initiative (SCAC), attache’s post of collaboration was also created (in 2008). A party of its activity is devoted to the monitoring of the collaboration of France with the Africain Union.

The action of these new enrollments registers more in general in the policy of the ministry of Foreign Affairs and European which reinforced, in Direction Africa and of Indian Ocean, means devoted to the monitoring of the Africain regional organizations newly.

2. Diplomatic action

In Addis Abéba, France is in permanent dialogue with the Africain Union and the Africain embassies, that it is about the monitoring and about the management of crisises, about the implementation of the partnership EU-AFRICA or of the monitoring of the big demonstrations of the organization.

French authorities come regularly to Addis Abéba to meet the leaders of the Africain Union. The minister des Affaires étrangères and European came in July, 2007 and in November, 2008.

Beyond the action of the Embassy in Addis Abéba, France sees to it that the voice of the Africain Union is heard in the multilateral surrounding walls, as during financial crisis. On numerous files, it brings its support of decisions taken by the different authorities of the Africain Union.

3. Financial and technical help to the Africain Union

France acts financially to accompany the development of the institutional capacities of the Union African (set up by regional brigades, electoral observation, promotion of French) and to finance the operations of assertion of the peace for which the Africain Union has the responsibility.

So, since 2005:

- Her direct bilateral help comes to more than 20 million euro;

- Moreover, across the European fund for peace in Africa, it also poured about 100 million euro in the Africain Union.

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