Presentation and history

Overview and History

Civil Cooperation : Signing of a DCP in november 2006, with two main focus (development of urban infrastructure and Water and Sanitation) and 3 cross cutting sectors (governance /Justice, Higher education and cultural francophony /diversity) for a total amount of 67,9 to 79,6 Million Euros (2006-2010).

Military cooperation (learning French, internships of officers and actions in the field of transmissions). The amount for 2005 was 375,000 euros. Creation in may 2003 of an Ethiopian battalion, which was integrated into the UN force in Liberia.

Trade relations : France is Ethiopia’s 11th supplier and its 13th client. Signing in June 2004 of an Ageement for the Promotion and Protection of Investments (API).

France is the second investor in Ethiopia, behind Saudi Arabia which has about 60% of the total foreign investments. The french investments are concentrated in four sectors: brewing, distribution of petroleum products, horticulture and hotels. The volume of investments however remain minimal (125 Million euros).

Commercial footprint : Total, Peugeot, Alcatel, Castel/BGI, Alstom.

• Humanitarian action

• Development

• Decentralized cooperation

• Bilateral Visits

• Visit of Mrs. Caudine Lepage

• Visit of Senator Collombat

• Franco-Ethiopian relations “Bilateral Visits” Visit of Mrs. Claudine Lepage

• Visit of Mrs. Rama Yade

• Visit of Mr. Bruno le Maire

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