New Beaujolais wine !

On December 9, 2010, the French Ambassador took part in the annual evening of new Beaujolais wine tasting, in the Large Living room of Addis Ababa Sheraton
The event, which brought together more than one thousand guests, was, as usual, organized, by the French Foreign trade Advisers (CCEF), with the support of the French embassy and the Alliance éthio-Francaise as well as companies
Such as’ Alstom, BGI, Bolloré, CIS, Desired Turns, Ethiopian, EBG, EGIS, ETDE, France Telecom, Kassar, Michelin, NMC, Novis, Orbis, PBI, Renault, Laugh, SDV, Sheraton and Total, this year
Thanks to the tribute paid to the French gastronomy, which has recently been registered on the list of representatives of immaterial cultural heritage of mankind, this very successful evening achieved its goal of illustrating the strength and diversity of our country’s economic success , as well as the climate of confidence and optimism that governs the development of the French presence in Ethiopia.

Dernière modification : 11/07/2011

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