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Road safety
Several recent accidents involving French citizens makes it necessary to draw attention to the fact that traffic on Ethiopian roads is dangerous, because of the frequent infringements on the highway code as well as the presence of animals without monitoring or the unforeseeable behaviour of drivers of goods or passenger transports vehicles, but also of the people, who move along the trunk road. The greatest caution and the strict respect of the instructions given under the heading “Transport” are therefore absolute requirements.

The Ethiopian authorities regularly warn the population against possible terrorist attacks. In this regard, French nationals residents of or of visitors to Ethiopia are reminded to show vigilance in public places and to avoid the bus stations. It is advisable to avoid using the public buses, as well as the private taxis of the minibus type in 12 places and preferring the individual taxis rather.

Taking into account the recent attacks of which of foreign nationals were victims and the general increase in criminality in Addis-Abeba and in the large cities of the country, more particularly Awasa, Gambela, Moyale and Shashemene, French visitors to or residents in Ethiopia are invited to take note of the instructions diffused at the heading safety
The recent imposition heavy custodial sentences on some French nationals for possession of narcotics show that all drugs are prohibited in Ethiopia, and that the local legislation severely punishes the consumption and trafficking of drugs ( Refer to the heading “Complements”).

Dernière modification : 15/07/2011

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