Inauguration of Ethiopian-produced Castel wine [fr]

PM Hailemariam Desalegn, H.E. Brigitte Collet, ambassador of France and Castel executives M. Palu and M. Bernard Coulais officially presented, on Sunday, March 22th the first Castel Ethiopian wine cuvée.

This project was launched at the initiative of Ethiopian authorities and achieved this day after more than four years of work. The wine varieties have been imported from France and enabled the creation of a 125ha vineyard. This high-quality production has been supervised by a French enologist. 80% of this first cuvee (that represents 1.1 million bottles a year) has already been bought by foreign connoisseurs. In his speech, Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn, called for Ethiopia to become, within 10 years the first wine producer in Africa

France’s ambassador, HE Mrs Brigitte Collet, underlined the importance of this kind of audacious and mutual trusted long term commitment between French and Ethiopian partners. She noted that these projects could also help to promote “France” brand in Ethiopia. She also highlighted transmission of skills - the ability to listen, technical expertise and savoir-faire - as a key factor for Ethiopia’s development. She also recalled that France has a tradition of excellence in the fields of agriculture, floriculture and agro-business (speech)
Established in Ethiopia for the past 15 years, Castel is the number one beer producer in the country. Famous for “St Georges” beer, the firm has invested over 100 million euros during the last years in three breweries. The global amount of beer produced in a year is 2.800.000 hectoliters.

Dernière modification : 01/04/2014

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