Inauguration of the Ras Gimb Museum in Gondar

The museum of the castle of Ras Gimb in Gondar was inaugurated on Monday 16th October, 2017 by the mayor of the city in the presence of the Head of Cooperation and Cultural Affairs of the Embassy of France to Ethiopia and the African Union and the Director of the French Centre for Ethiopian Studies (CFEE). This inauguration is the result of a fruitful cooperation undertaken since 2010 between Gondar, the French municipality of Vincennes and the CFEE, with the support of the French Embassy.

This upgrading project of Ethiopian heritage will have enabled the complete renovation of the castle of Ras Gimb, as well as the creation and setting up of a permanent exhibition on the history of the castle. The opening to the public of the Ras Gimb, thanks to the Franco-Ethiopian cooperation, will make it possible to enhance the historical heritage of Ethiopia and to enhance the tourist attraction of the city of Gondar.

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Dernière modification : 20/10/2017

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