Inauguration of the Ashegoda wind park

The largest wind farm of Sub-Saharan Africa was inaugurated today close to Mekele, in the North of Ethiopia, with the participation of the Ethiopian Prime Minister, Mr. Hailemariam Dessalegn, and of the French Ambassador to the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, Mrs. Brigitte Collet (speech here).

This wind farm represents the first project of this nature and of this scale developed in sub-Saharan Africa, with an installed capacity of 120 MW generated by 84 wind mills. The erection began at the end of 2009 and, by March 2012, a first lot of 30 wind mills of Vergnet brand of 1MW had started production. The installation of 54 Alstom Wind mills of 1,67MW each, was finalized at the beginning of September 2013.

The financing of this innovative project worth 230 million Euros, performed by the French companies Vergnet and Alstom WIND, selected by the Ethiopian national electricity company EEPCo through an international call for tender, was structured through a financial arrangement between Agence Française de Developpement (AFD), a consortium of French private banks (BNP Paribas, CIC and Société Générale) and the French government guarantee delivered by Coface.

The inauguration of this emblematic project of the Ethio-French co-operation fully materializes the common and strong commitment of the two countries’ highest authorities to promote sustainable development and, to fight against climate change.

France is particularly delighted to bring its support to Ethiopia in its policy of developing rapidly its production capacity of renewable energy, not only to cope with a sharp increase in local consumption, but also to export clean energy to neighbouring countries, thus generating important financial resources for the country. Diversifying its sources of renewable energy generation allows Ethiopia to mitigate potential negative effects of climate change on its water resources.

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