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DOCUMENTS TO BE SUBMITTED (See below): harmonized list of supporting documents to be provided by visa applicants



  • Missing documents or photocopies = incomplete file = high risk of refusal of visa
  • All documents must be submitted in original, accompanied by a complete set of photocopies
  • All documents must be in French or accompanied with an official French translation version

- A short-stay visa application form duly filled out on both sides, dated and signed

- Two recent standard photographs

- Passport (valid at least 3 months after the expiry date of the visa requested) must include 2 blank pages of any stamp accompanied by a photocopy of the identity page and the previous Schengen visas

- Residence permit if citizenship other than Ethiopian

- Documents concerning the personal situation:

  • For married persons: original marriage certificate and its translation into French
  • For minors / students: copy of the birth certificate translated into French or the family passport proving filiation + authorization to leave the territory for minors signed by the parents + certificate of schooling or university registration in progress or re-registration for the next school year

- Justification of the socio-professional situation and resources:

For employees:

  • Work certificate specifying the duties performed, the date of employment and the monthly salary
  • Last 3 salary slips
  • Last 3 bank statements (current account + savings account if applicable)

For merchants:

  • Registration in the Trade Register
  • Statutes of the company
  • Receipt of license for the current year
  • Last 3 bank statements (personal account + company account)

For independent professions:

  • Certification or professional license of the current year
  • Receipt of license for the current year
  • Last 3 bank statements (personal account + professional account)

For retirees and non-working people:

  • Recent proof of pension and/or annuities
  • Last 3 bank statements
  • Proof of the resources of the inviting person

For minors / students:

  • Certificate of care of a parent
  • Proof of the resources of the inviting person

- Proof of accommodation: certificate of welcome issued by the town hall (in original) + copy or hotel reservation or, if applicable, a title or a rental contract or any proof of possession or rental of a residence in France (housing tax)

- Booking of the return plane ticket

- International medical care / repatriation insurance covering any emergency medical care and / or emergency hospitalization with a minimum guaranty amount of € 30,000, as well as the cost of repatriation for the duration of the stay in the entire Schengen Area.

This list is not exhaustive: other justifications may be requested if necessary. You may also submit any material that may assist in the processing of your case.

Dernière modification : 21/11/2017

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