Green Embassy Communiqué

The Embassy of France in Ethiopia and to the African Union takes part in the 2018 “Green Embassy” competition organized by the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs. This competition is part of a global and gradual approach in order to reduce the environmental footprint of French diplomatic representations abroad. The French Embassy in Addis Ababa is highlighting this year a project jointly carried out with the Center for Environmental Studies, Addis Ababa University, which has been assessing biodiversity within the Embassy compound (37 hectares North of the Ethiopian capital); more than 150 plant species have been identified at this stage.

The Embassy also hosts dozens of migratory and sedentary bird species, several mammal species and fifteen African spurred tortoises. As a result of this assessment, recommendations will be adopted in order to improve the protection of biodiversity on the Embassy compound, in cooperation with Ethiopian partners.

The Embassy has already implemented several measures in this perspective, including raising residents’ awareness about environmental issues, reducing waste generation (including through composting) and selective sorting (an appropriate site has been developed). An association of “Friends of the Embassy Park” has been created, which is currently studying various projects (including the creation of shared permaculture gardens), and has already helped to revive beehives.

Dernière modification : 06/05/2019

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