French consular services

The Consul is responsible for the French community of whose protection he ensures at the level of the foreign authorities within the framework of the local legislation and he whose he ensures, management in accordance with that legislation and the French regulation. He may be assisted in his mission by the honorary consuls and the consular agents.

In addition, he carries out various duties serving the French community:
He registers French nationals residing in his district;

He is civil status/estate Officer;

He carried out notarial functions, and is in charge of of military questions such as the organization of the day of national security), the issuance of travel documents, the national identity cards (provided the applicants is registered);

He ensures consular protection in case of arrest, imprisonment, serious accident or disease; he can intervene in cases of repatriation;
He is responsible for explaining the conditions leading to the exercise of the right to vote abroad;

He is the chairman of the local grants committee, the consular committee for the protection of social action,and the consular committee for employment and professional training.

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