French-Ethiopian military cooperation ceremony [fr]

A special military ceremony was held at the Embassy of France in Addis Ababa, on Tuesday 24th of September, attended by the French ambassador in Ethiopia, high representatives of Ethiopian National Defence Forces, high representatives of French Defence Forces (The General commanding French Forces in Djibouti) and representatives of French and Ethiopian communities.

It has been the occasion to celebrate several events, underlying the close links between our two defence forces in the framework of a strengthened bilateral military cooperation between Ethiopia and France following the signature of several major agreements during the visit of President Emmanuel Macron to Ethiopia in March 2019:

-  The centenary of the French military mission in Ethiopia.

-  Certificate award ceremony for 20 Ethiopian paratroopers trained by French Forces in May 2019.

-  French language teaching program for military - graduation ceremony for 4 students who passed their exams before the summer. Since 1999, the French language teaching program has trained more than 5 000 attendees from the Ethiopian defence and security institutions. This program intends to support Ethiopian National Defence Forces in terms of capacity-building and for their participation in peacekeeping operations.

-  Feast-day of Saint Michel, which is the patron saint of French paratroopers, as France and Ethiopia are long-term partners on this operational skill.

-  Commemoration of the battle of Bazeilles, where the French army showed its commitment, sacrifice and bravery, during the Franco-Prussian war in 1870.

Dernière modification : 02/10/2019

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