Coopération militaire franco-éthiopienne dans le domaine médical


On Wednesday the 06th of May at 09.00AM, H.E Frédéric Bontems, French ambassador to the federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, will supply to the Main Health Department of the Ethiopian National Defence Forces a set of equipment consisting of 11 batches to fight against respiratory failure. The delivery will be held at central Hospital, Addis-Ababa.

The equipment will consist of 11 oxygen concentrators, 21 oximeters and 18 beds for examination. It can be used to take care of patients having respiratory troubles.

This equipment is provided by the French Armed Forces, through the Defence Mission of the French Embassy in Addis Ababa.

The French Military Health Service wants to demonstrate its full solidarity to its Ethiopian counterparts. Therefore, a plan of assistance has been established in close coordination with the French Embassy in Addis-Ababa and the Ethiopian Ministry of National Defence. This approach of mutual solidarity contains two main phases :
1. Effective immediately (this week), to deliver the aforementioned emergency equipment
2. As soon as possible, to intensify the cooperation between both Military Health Services through equipment if needed, training sessions for common interest and sharing of lessons learned.

For a long time, the French Armed Forces and the Ethiopian National Defence Forces have developed a strong partnership. This mutual commitment was made formal last year by the two Ministers of Defence in a plan of action that organizes the bilateral cooperation for three years (2019-21). Cooperation between both Military Health Services is part of this agreement and the first bilateral activities took place last October.


Dernière modification : 18/05/2020

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