Formalities of entry and settlement

To visit Ethiopia, the rule is to ask before departure a tourist visa for a period of three months at the Embassy of Ethiopia in Paris.

Nationals from a number of countries including France may nevertheless obtain a tourist visa upon arrival. This facility is however only possible at the two international airports of the country: Addis Ababa and Dire Dawa, to the exclusion of any other entry point including road: (From Kenya: Madle, Omorate.) From Djibouti: Dewote, Galafi From Somalia: Kebri Beya, Teferi, Ber, Dolo Odda and Togo Wouchale From Sudan: Metama and Umera

The passport, whose validity must be longer than the visa requested, must be in good condition.

A vaccination certificate against yellow fever is mandatory.

Like tourists or visiting foreigners, Ethiopians and foreign residents with a visa or resident card are now exempt from the exit visa.

For all information on the types of visa visit the official website,

Ethiopian Embassy in France
35, avenue Charles Floquet
75007 Paris

Tél.01 47 83 83 95

Fax: 01 43 06 52 14


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