Formalities of entry and settlement

French nationals residing abroad and wishing to come back to re-settle itself in France can consult a guide, available in pdf version which answers the questions that they can be posed in a simple and concise manner.

The rule is to apply first before going for a three month tourist visa at the Ethiopian Embassy in Paris.
Nationals, of a number of countries to which belonged France, can nevertheless obtain a visa of tourism on their arrival. This facility is however only possible only with the two international airports of the country: Addis Ababa and Dire Dawa, other than any other in particular road station of entry: (Coming from Kenya: Madle, Omorate. Coming from Djibouti: Dewote, Galafi. Coming from Somalia: kebri Beya, Teferi, Ber, Dolo Odda and Togo Wouchale. Coming from Sudan: Metama and Umera.)
A passport, whose validity must be longer than that of the visa requested , must be in good condition.

A certificate of vaccination against yellow fever is compulsary.
Just like tourists or foreigners passing through the country, Ethiopians with foreign residents permit visa or a residents card are from now on, exempted from exit visa obligation.

Ethiopian Embassy in France
35, avenue Charles Floquet
75007 Paris

Tél.01 47 83 83 95

Fax: 01 43 06 52 14


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