Entry and Stay in Ethiopia


The rule is to apply first before going to the Ethiopian Embassy in Paris for a three months tourist visa.
French nationals can however obtain a visa of tourism on their arrival. This facility is still possible only at the two international airports of the country: Addis-Abeba and Dire Dawa, other than any other station of entry, in particular by road: (Coming from Kenya: Madle, Omorate. Coming from Djibouti: Dewote, Galafi. Coming from Somalia: Kebri Beya, Teferi, Ber, Dolo Odda and Togo Wouchale. Coming from Sudan: Metama and Umera.)

A passport, whose validity must be longer than that of the visa requested, must be in good condition.
Like tourists or foreigners passing through, Ethiopian and foreign residents holding a visa or a resident’s permit are from now on, exempted from the exit visa obligation.

Travellers whose residence permit expires before their departure from Ethiopia must immediately apply for an extension of the visa/permit from the immigration department in Addis Ababa at a cost of 20$ American for an additional one month. Failure to comply with this compulsory formality will make travellers liable to a fine of 20$ per month, and even an additional fine of 300$ imposed by the Ethiopian legal authorities before being authorized to leave Ethiopia. All these fines can only be paid in foreign currency. finally such travellers shall be are required to pay this fines before obtaining an exit visa (20$) enabling them to leave the territory.

Travellers, who may wish to prolong their stay beyond three months, are accordingly invited to keep in touch with the Ethiopian embassy in France before their departure.

Travellers entering Ethiopia by car through the border posts of Metema at the Sudanese border, Gadafi and Dewele at the Djibouti border are required by the Ethiopian authorities to present, in addition the vehicles “notebook of passage” a letter of introduction from the French embassy in Addis Ababa.

In order to obtain this mail, these travellers are call up on to contact, before their entry into Ethiopia, the French embassy by email (consulat.addis-abeba-amba@diplomatie.gouv.fr), by providing the following information: complete details of the travellers (names, first names, birth dates and places of origin), passport (s) scanned (s), vehicle details (model, type, number on the number plates, chassis numbers, engine numbers), dates of entry under consideration in the Ethiopian territory and duration of the proposed stay.
It should be noted that the entry into Ethiopia by terrestrial means is only possible when one is in possession of a valid Ethiopian visa.

Exchange regulations

All foreign travellers must, on their entry to the Ethiopian territory, declar the foreign currencies in their possession if these currencies are equivalent to or exceed 3.000$ (approximately 2.200 Euros). A specific form must be filled for that purpose. No foreign traveller can leave Ethiopia with more than 3.000$ (or its equivalent in euros) in his possession, unless he is able to produce documents authorizing him to do so. In addition, all travellers entering or leaving the country can be in possession of only 200 birrs Ethiopian birr on the maximum.
For further information, contact the Ethiopian embassy in Paris, addresses of the foreign missions in France (on the site of the House of the French nationals from abroad).

Dernière modification : 15/07/2011

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