Decentralized co-operation : Greater Lyon

The city of Lyon and the urban community of Greater Lyon have cooperated with the city of Addis-Abeba for more than 10 years. Through its solidarity fund and its fund for sustainable water development ,Greater Lyon extends its cooperation activities to cover the southern region of Ethiopia, as it is already doing in Diré Dawa.

Accordingly, on Monday January 10, 2010, the Community council of Greater Lyon voted a sum of 30,800 euros in aid to Ethiopia. Within the framework of a joint financial mechanism between Véolia Water and the Urban community known as “solidarity fund and sustainable water development fund”, each of the two parties committed itself to providing a subsidy of 15,400 euros to the Inter Aid association.
The purpose is to improve access to drinking water and create a stock management public service in two districts located in the south of Ethiopia : Damot Scale and Bolo Sore.
The project has been a sequel to an action undertaken for one year by the association in the region, one of the densely populated in Ethiopia, where the proportion of families with access to drinking water is less than 10%.

Dernière modification : 13/06/2019

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