Day of study “Contacts and interactions among languages

On April 9, 2010, the Day of study, organized by the French Department of Addis Ababa University with support from the French Embassy, was held on the topic : contacts and interactions among languages
The Day of studies, registered in the field of sociolinguistics, had the objective of contributing to the reflection and discussion on various phenomena resulting from contacts and interactions among languages, in the Ethiopian context.
A multilingual situation, far from being a mere juxtaposition of languages on an individual or collective basis, implies contacts and interactions among various languages and/or their speakers. The duration and intensity of the contacts, the relationship between these languages, the types of social relationships, economic and social policies among speakers of different languages, the communication function, the degree of similarity of languages in contact, are all factors that can influence linguistic representations and practices. The phenomena of loans occur, interferences, of codic alternation, hybridization and creation, but also a variety of phenomena of identity construction, like the assertion of linguistic and ethnic differences and of reactions such as the fight against the loans (for example, the Toubon law of 1994,in France.
A hundred participants were present and were able to discuss these issues, following the papers presented by researchers and academics from Addis Ababa, Djibouti, Kenya and Rouen.

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