Although Ethiopia abides by the principles and recognizes the right of each embassy to provide a consular protection to its nationals, it is not part of the 1963 Vienna Convention. Consequently, the Embassy of France is not systematically kept informed when a French national is arrested and held in custody.

Custom and habits

Religion: 50% Christians (mainly orthodoxe), and 50% of Moslems.
Ethiopians are known for their religious enthusiasm.

Local legislation

All drugs are prohibited. That it is for the consumption or the sale of narcotics, repression measure in Ethiopia are severe and the heavily punished. The consumption or possession of even very small amount of marijuana, haschich and other substances is similarly systematically punished. Indeed the Penal code also indeed represses the manufacture and the possession, the use, the trafficking of drugs. The manufacture and trade of these products involve an imprisonment from 5 to 10 years and a fine from 100,000 to 200,000 birrs (15,000 Euros). The possession, transport and the exchang of trade involve a minimum of 5 years imprisonment and a maximum fine of 100.000 birrs (7.500 euros). The personal use of narcotics and the supply of these products to a third person are punishable by 7 years imprisonment and maximum fine of 50.000 birrs of (3.750 euros).
The carrying of firearms is prohibited.
Sexuality: homosexuality and pornography are prohibited and lead to a punishment ranging from one to fifteen years in prison.
The craft and antiquities industry: it is authorized for one to carry artisanal souvenirs. However, the customs authorities sometimes seize especially religious tourism objects but also of other types of objects. It is, therefore, advisable for an invoice at the time of purchasing any souvenirs and to keep it with you. Moreover, it is advisable to be in possession of a special permit, the main antique dealers in Addis Ababa assist travellers to obtain the permit to export an Ethiopian antiquity.

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