Collaboration between the universities of Lyons and Jimma [fr]

The Embassy of France in Ethiopia presents the collaboration between the Claude Bernard University - Lyon 1 and the University of Jimma in the field of health, in particular mother-child health.

Since the beginning of the academic year 2016/2017, an over-specialization diploma in Urogynecology and Pelvic Repair Surgery has been put in place, following the signing of an agreement between the University of Lyons and the University of Jimma.

Gynecologist surgeons from Lyons, members of the Chirurgie Solidaire Association, provide this training which takes place in Jimma every two months for a period of two years.

Professor Georges Mellier of the CHU de Lyon, Dr. Stéphan Bretones, project coordinator, and Dr. Bertrand de Rochambeau have the task of training Ethiopian gynecologic surgeons who will then provide this theoretical teaching into practice.

Each one-week session includes both practical instruction in the form of companionship in the operating room and theoretical instruction in courses and debriefing sessions. Nine fellows (gynecologic surgeons undergoing post-graduate training) are being trained, two of whom come especially from Addis Ababa every two months for this course of natural surgery.

This vaginal surgery, which developed in France from the capital of Gaul, is today particularly adapted to the conditions of exercise of Ethiopia. It has shown and is still showing in France its efficiency, its safety, for a modest cost.

For these reasons, the University of Jimma has decided to turn to this team from Lyons to develop its teaching of over-specialty and its regional center of Urogynecology.

The French medical team would like to strengthen this exchange by allowing Ethiopian surgeons to undertake a study tour within the Hospices civils de Lyon. This trip would allow them to be confronted with other operating techniques occasionally used in France.

At the end of these two years of teaching, the Ethiopian diploma awarded by the University of Jimma, in collaboration with the University of Lyons, will enable Jimma’s new Urogynecology Center to become one of the national reference centers in this field.

Read the article : "Le Docteur Mulu Muleta, obstétricienne, chevalier de la Légion d’honneur" (in French) (or: Dr. Mulu Muleta Receives France’s Highest Distinction)

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