Audrey Azoulay, candidate for the post of Director-General of UNESCO

As a global citizen with family ties to Morocco, Audrey Azoulay is actively committed to innovation, intercultural and intergenerational dialogue to drive education for all and the dissemination of scientific and cultural knowledge.


An Ambition for UNESCO

At a time when we see global tensions resurfacing, when we thought they had been eased, regression of fundamental freedoms, populations massively compelled to flee misery and violence, at a time when identity and religious vindications fuel national and international discord, at a time when environmental risks are becoming reality, UNESCO’s mission seems more crucial than ever.

UNESCO must ambitiously reassert its role as the conscience of the United Nations, in the founding words of Léon Blum, fully assume the entire scope of its missions and refuse any reductive vision of its mandate.

It is through education, culture, the dissemination of science and sustainable development, and the defence of humanistic values that UNESCO can bring to life the driving forces, the most sure in the long term, of the United Nation’s universal project of peace and democracy.

UNESCO is this unique and legitimate place that can offer men and women of goodwill a venue for dialogue, although not immune to world tensions, but allowing them to deal with these tensions other than through pointless stances of confrontation.

This ambition implies evolutions for UNESCO, in both the implementation of its missions and in its organization. UNESCO, as a forum for thought and operational organization, has a key role to play within the United Nations system.

It is important for it to embody each of the roles that it is entrusted, around the world, proactively and effectively, by using new technological and conceptual tools, by promoting a global approach in order to create synergies among all of its fields of intervention.



Dernière modification : 29/09/2017

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