ADDIS 2100 : Let’s imagine the future of our city

The second edition of “the Night of Ideas” will be held on Thursday, January 25th, 2018 at the Ethiopian-French Alliance of Addis Ababa, at 6:30PM. Come join us in debating ideas!

Letting imagination rule also means dreaming about the future, about our future. The fast-changing capital of a country in the midst of development, we shall imagine Addis Ababa 100 years from now.

Four topics will be discussed during the evening: (1) Architecture, (2) Food, (3) Transport and (4) Equality between women and men.

The purpose is not to have an ideological debate but to hear different perspectives – especially perspectives coming from youth– on what the future could look like. In parallel debates, animations will be organized : exhibitions, an improvisation of a poet-musician, a real-time graphic depiction of the debates by an illustrator, etc.

The speakers will speak in French or Amharic, simultaneous translation will be provided.


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