25th summit Africa - France

The 25th summit Africa - France was held from May 31st till June 1st, 2010 in Nice in the presence of Mr the prime minister Meles Zenawi, next to its Africain peers.

The Summit Africa - France knew an important evolution: the Summit opened in French and Africain life bloods. The peculiarity of relations between France and Africa is fond in effect that they do not limit themselves to the relations of State with State, but also stretch in the economic, cultural and associative worlds. So, for the Summit of 2010, 80 French businessmen and 150 Africain businessmen, from all regions of the continent, were invited to participate in jobs, as well as of trade unions. This opening in the economic and social world was the first one in the history of Summits Africa - France.

52 Africain States were invited to participate in the Summit, as well as the representatives of the European Union, the International Organization of the French-speaking world, the Organization of United Nations for Feeding and the Agriculture, of the Commission of the Africain Union and the World Bank.


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