Why learning French ?

  • French, a language of sport

    French is an official language of the Olympic movement, on an equal footing with English (Article 24 of the Olympic Charter).
    Article 24.1: “The official languages of the IOC are French and English”.
    Article 24.3: (...)

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  • French, a language of development

    French is one of the languages that offers a gateway to the resources for economic, social, educational and scientific development in many OIF member countries or in other countries where French is, for historical (...)

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  • French, a language of education for overseas elites

    Learning French, an international language, is part of the education of elites in countries around the world; elites who, as they succeed in society and take their place among the ranks of decision-makers and at the (...)

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  • French, an international language

    France’s cultural influence, a major factor in its impact on the international scene, has been the object of policy reforms designed to promote French works and ideas abroad, primarily through the French language, as (...)

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